I want to know how to protect my account!

Please follow the below security guidelines to safeguard your account from danger.

A proactive guide to account security

  • Do not share or reveal your account information and password under any circumstances.
  • For your password, try avoid using a number or text that can be easily predicted by others such as your ID, date of birth, phone/mobile number, etc., and do not use a password that is being used for other games or accounts.
  • If you're logging in from a computer that other people have access to, don't use the keep me logged in feature.
  • After you have finish playing, be sure to log out and check whether your account information is stored on the computer.
  • For Steam users, please use Steam Guard.
    ▶ [Link to Steam Guard related information]

A quick guide to account security breach

  • If your account has been compromised, please change your account password, email address, and verification mobile number as soon as possible.

# Note

  • Our Player Support team may not be able to assist you if did not try to protect your account safely or your private account information has been shared with others.

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